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  •   16 Jul 2017   Posted By Norma J.   64 Favs   0 Comments

    Why The Loafer Style Continues To Be One Of The Hottest Shoe Styles For Men And Women

    A lot of people like to trade comfort for price. A lot of women wear thing that hurt their feet such as high heels but they do it for the looks. Most other people would buy anything for comfort. Many creators of things such as clothing and shoes have begun to make thing that are more of comfort than style to the customers.

  •   7 Jul 2017   Posted By Ethan E.   22 Favs   0 Comments

    What Are Some Of The More Common Shoe Accessories And Why Do We Need Them

    When we talk of shoe accessories we are speaking of those things that are made to help make your shoes last longer. These may include such things as shoetrees, shoe bags, shoe stretchers, and shoe polish.

    One popular shoe accessory is the shoetree which is inserted into your shoes when you are not wearing them which helps keep your shoes in their original shape.

  •   13 Jul 2017   Posted By Lorenzo H.   42 Favs   0 Comments

    Why Shoe Sizes Are Different All Over The World

    If you are like me I am sure you have noticed that there is no regularity in shoe sizes from country to another. In fact in most tennis shoes now you will see a listing of several different sizes relative to particular countries. You may not have thought about it but the reason in many cases is to try to keep people to a certain brand of shoe.